Politinerds: Amelia Hamilton


This week we’ll introduce something new which has been in the works for a while. Politinerds Radio is a podcast which I was invited to host along with Doug Mataconis of Outside the Beltway. Our goal is to do something different than the same old parade of people answering the same questions about whatever happened that week. We’ve been working on some deep dive material to learn a bit more about the people behind the stories. We’ll have some interesting figures from the Hill and from the media as well.

Our first episode (hosted at Vigilant Liberty Radio) was more of a test run working with our new producer, and our friend Amelia Hamilton was nice enough to serve as our test subject. She turned out to be a charming guest. You’ll find out about what it was like to grow up in Amelia’s very conservative, religious household, what drove her to go to school in Scotland, why on Earth she picked the majors she did, and how she wound up writing books for little patriots. She’s a great lady, and I hope you enjoy it.