Steyer backed group: Nuclear Iran is okay, but climate change will kill us all

Have you heard of the Truman National Security Project yet? If not, you probably will in the coming days and weeks. As we previously noted, President Obama is busy working on a deal with Iran – dubious though it may be – and he’s going to want to shore up some support for his plans. That’s where TNSP comes in.

A leading liberal think tank in Washington, D.C., has begun enlisting its associates in an “all-hands-on-deck effort to support” the Obama administration as it seeks to ink a nuclear deal with Iran by the end of the month, according to emails obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The Truman National Security Project, a nonprofit think tank with ties to the administration, is assembling a “crack team of writers” to flood national and local media outlets with articles supporting the White House’s efforts before the details of a final nuclear deal have even emerged, according to internal emails sent by the organization to its listserv.

“Our community absolutely must step up and not cede the public narrative to neocon hawks that would send our country to war just to screw the president,” Graham F. West, Truman’s writing and communications associate, wrote in a recent email to the organization’s listserv.

That’s a fairly loosey goosey approach to national security concerns, I must say. But then, national security isn’t everyone’s bag. Perhaps they just don’t focus on that sort of thing. Except that they do, at least when it involves a really serious threat to our security.

Operation Free is proud to produce The Burden, directed by Truman fellow Roger Sorkin. The Burden is the first feature-length documentary to tell the story of how fossil fuel dependence threatens national security, and how the U.S. military is uniquely positioned to bolster a clean energy economy that will strengthen our national, economic, and environmental security.

Behold the blindingly clear logic, but don’t let it scar your retinas. We can work our way around Iran finally getting those shiny new nukes they’ve been wanting for the last twenty Christmases, but our nation will be brought to its collective knees unless we can get those carbon emissions under control. The balanced approach which has to go into this line of thought is truly stunning. So who is footing the bill for all of this critical thinking? Well, at least in part, the source will be familiar if you follow the trail. Tom Steyer puts his substantial resources into the Super PAC NextGen. And where does their money go?

NextGen made contributions to several outside groups last month: $925,000 to the LCV Victory Fund; $150,000 to America Votes Action Fund Michigan; $100,000 to the Democratic Party of Oregon; $250,000 to Action Fund; $52,000 to the Truman National Security Project. The federal PAC also sent money to its state affiliates, including $5 million to Florida, $500,000 to Maine and $155,000 to Michigan. NextGen also reports dropping $9.8 million on independent expenditures last month, with funds going towards robo-calls, direct mail, television and radio advertisements, voter outreach efforts and billboards.

Follow the money. And no matter which side you come down on, a lot of these trails end up back at the same spot.

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