Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

The Sunday gab festival seems to be struggling for topics in the wake of the election. Talking about what happened is getting stale, and talking about 2016 at this point is even a little embarrassing even for them. But not enough to stop them! Meet the Press will see Chuck Todd interviewing Bobby Jindal. He’ll be asked about whether he’s running (and he will demure) before getting down to his refusal to accept Medicare expansion for Louisiana and how he feels about Keystone. Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell will also be asked about the latest challenge to Obamacare at SCOTUS. The panel will consist of Carly Fiorina, Reid Wilson, Helene Cooper, and Chris Matthews.

Fox News Sunday will have John Thune and Sheldon Whitehouse debating foreign policy as ISIS stubbornly refuses to stay on the JV court. Tom Cotton and James Landford will be asked yet again how great it is to have won Senate seats. (That should be some breathtaking TV.) They’ll also have some of the executives from Marriott International. (Your guess is as good as mine.)

Face the Nation will make Allahpundit sad for not being at work this morning because they’ll be featuring Mitt (I’m not running, it’s not going to happen) Romney. They’ll also have Claire McCaskill and Mike Lee face off on Middle East issues, along with an interview with Bebe Netanyahu. James Clapper will stop by and likely discuss the North Korea prisoner deal, since he’s taking all the credit for it.