Report: Group supporting Hillary says women really turned out for Hillary

Boy, did we miss the boat on this one. As was reported here repeatedly, Hillary Clinton hit the campaign trail for the Democrats in all the battleground states where Obama feared to tread. She was almost always welcomed with open arms, but as Rand Paul famously said, if Hillary is such a hot ticket, why did almost all of the candidates she stumped for lose?

As I said, we clearly failed to read the signs correctly on that question. A new report revealed exclusively to Time by a group called Correct the Record, shows that Hillary was really a huge positive boost for all these candidates.

The group, linked to Democratic Super PAC American Bridge, compiled polling data that shows Clinton delivered discernible bumps in female support to most of the candidates for whom she appeared or stumped, according to an analysis obtained exclusively by TIME.

Sen. Kay Hagan in North Carolina and Colorado’s Mark Udall both saw three percentage point bumps amongst women after Clinton appeared with them in the final weeks of campaigning, according to an analysis of polls before and after Clinton’s visit by the group.

Well, say… that’s certainly something. Of course, Hagan and Udall have something else in common. They both lost. Clinton also stumped for Maggie Hassan and Pat Quinn as the report notes. (She went 1 for 2 there.) Jason Carter (who lost) and Mary Landrieu (who will probably lose the runoff) are also on the list. Truly Hillary’s influence was vastly underrated.

So who was this group? Let’s see what their about page says.

The next presidential election may be more than two years away, but Republicans’ relentless attack strategy has already turned its sights on Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and other Democratic leaders. In preparation for this, we launched Correct The Record – a strategic research and rapid response team designed to defend potential Democratic presidential candidates from right-wing, baseless attacks. In the coming weeks and months, please continue to visit this website to view content that debunks Republican attacks and keeps potential Republican candidates honest.

Well, at least it’s a nice, even handed, nonpartisan group. So it must be on the up and up.