Strong Kentucky Woman not particularly gracious in concession

After getting trounced at the polls by Mitch McConnell, Alison Lundergan Grimes took to the stage last night for the time honored tradition of delivering her concession speech. In a largely self congratulatory four minutes or so, she thanked her family and her supporters before going on to list all of her accomplishments. These included the large amount of money she raised, the number of campaign offices they opened, the army of volunteers that was assembled and the “clear message” that she sent to Washington. But there was one thing missing from this concession speech. She never actually conceded. In fact, she never even mentioned Mitch McConnell’s name.

As Mediaite notes, even the gang at MSNBC was left slack jawed at this performance.

“That wasn’t your usual concession speech,” Chris Matthews began. “Usually you congratulate the winner. You say something gracious. You move on. You unify the state to some extent. It was a partisan speech. Fair enough, it’s her call,” he added.

“It wasn’t a concession speech. Usually, you concede,” Al Sharpton added, noting that she made the Democrats turn on her when she infamously refused to say whether she voted for Obama during an editorial board Q&A. “You can represent what you represent. But you respect the winner, and you pledge to move on together.”

Credit where credit is due, I suppose, because the line of the night may have to go to Chris Matthews, who reflected on the fact that Grimes had been unable to say who she voted for in the last election.

“I was going to say something,” Matthews interrupted. “Okay, I’ll say it. She was unable to say who won the election, either.”

The videos follows, published at YouTube. It really is a rather shocking exit for a losing candidate. By the time she was finished I wasn’t even sure if she had lost.