Get up. Get out. Election day.

To address the obvious reaction right off the bat… yes. For the core audience of Hot Air, comprised of the kind of people who wake up in the morning and start their day by looking at web sites which traffic almost exclusively in politics, you don’t need to be reminded to vote. You are the people who the national parties base all of their projections on and build outward from there. The four in four voters. You’re going to go to the polls. (I was down there before the sun came up.) But without some nudging, a lot of people won’t. And while it may not be as important as your fantasy football league, it’s still important.

Nobody wants their friends, neighbors and co-workers preaching to them about who to vote for. But by the same token, nobody is going to take offense if there is a casual reminder that it’s election day. (And let’s face it… if you know them at all you probably know which way they will vote and which ones really should be reminded.) This is a midterm, and regardless of all the screaming coverage on the cable news shows about how exciting it all is, the people who spend their evening watching Sports Center or Dancing with the Stars instead of C-SPAN may not even be aware that there’s an election today.

It’s also worth reminding folks that the down ticket races are, if anything, more important than the battle for the Senate. Turnout can be depressed in states where there are no high profile races in contention. Here in New York, neither Senate seat is up for grabs and the Governor’s race is a lost cause. (Andrew Cuomo, despite massive scandals and robbing citizen’s Second Amendment rights is going to cruise to a double digit victory.) But your state government is where so many decisions which directly affect your daily life are made.

Our state senator (a Republican) has been in that seat since 1988. He spent the last couple of years battling prostate cancer, and frankly I didn’t even think the Democrats were running anyone against him for most of the year. Then, out of nowhere, a barrage of television ads showed up across the cable spectrum hitting him with bizarre charges. The campaign seemed to be caught unprepared, because I’ve not seen a single ad from his team on any channel. All they did was send out some of the positive direct mailers that they always do. At this point, I’m wondering if he might actually lose.

So don’t just get out there yourself. Mention it to a conservative leaning neighbor… the coworker who is angry that their health insurance payroll deductions went up again… the brother or sister who may otherwise just go to the movies. Get out the vote. And if you happen to be near Jeff Dunetz’s house, keep your eyes out for this sign.