Eric Holder will be watching for "discrimination" in voting today

Everyone seems to be worried about voter suppression or intimidation (such as that which totally failed to materialize in North Carolina) this year. Well, fear not. Eric Holder has your back.


“One of the Justice Department’s most sacred responsibilities is ensuring access to the ballot box for every eligible American,” Attorney General Eric Holder said in a video message on the department’s website.

“I want the American people to know that the Justice Department will stand vigilant — working in a fair and nonpartisan manner to ensure that every voter can cast his or her ballot free of intimidation, discrimination or obstruction,” he said.

John Hinderaker is incredulous.

So does that mean that New Black Panthers won’t be standing outside polling places with billy clubs this year? Just kidding. And, of course, Eric Holder has never done anything in a “fair and nonpartisan manner” in his six years as Attorney General.

But, seriously, what does it mean? Have you ever seen anything at a polling place that remotely amounted to intimidation, discrimination or obstruction? I haven’t. Presumably this is all part of the Democrats’ effort to keep alive the myth of voter suppression. That pretense seems to be a key element in their strategy to keep African-American voters in the fold, notwithstanding that the Democrats’ policies are devastating to black voters’ interests. And I guess it must work.

While John raises some valid points, one wonders if this might not lead to something entirely new in the history of American elections. Some people, when discussing racism, raise concerns about reverse discrimination. Could this be the first instance of reverse voter suppression? While it’s true that the sight of muscular New Black Panther members in military looking garb could be intimidating to voters arriving at the polls, federal agents in suit and tie could probably create the same effect.


Here’s an idea. Go to the polls if you are either:
1. A volunteer scheduled to work at that station today, or
2. Somebody who is there to vote.

Otherwise, go about your day. We don’t need television crews aiming cameras at people while they fill out their ballots. And if they have already found their way to the correct building, they don’t need any more help voting. If you really want to lend a hand, offer to drive people who don’t have a car or need help getting around. Do something useful or just go home.

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David Strom 10:00 AM | June 21, 2024