NFL Week 9 open thread

Jazz: We had a tie last week, though it wasn’t exactly spectacular. But hey… Jazz wins the tie! I’ve gotten to 26-27 on the season after a 3-4 outing. Not spectacular, but at this point I’ll take anything better than a shutout. In our fantasy league I have dropped to 4-4 while Ed is cruising ahead at 5-3. I understand that the French Foreign Legion is hiring, though, so I have that going for me.

Ed: Ties are ties, Jazz, and with my lead in the season series (35-18 to 27-26), I’m OK with running up ties the rest of the season. Especially because you have to do more work on Sundays. But I digress … The season’s looking up now, with the Steelers on the plus side and me inexplicably being in a tie for first in our fantasy football league. I’m short on healthy running backs, though, and this week have to start Isaiah Crowell, a backup for Cleveland. Now that’s desperation.

Jazz: The first three picks should be fairly easy. The Vikings are a 1 point favorite over the Redskins, but I’ve got a good feeling that Eric Holder doesn’t like Washington’s name, so since Holder is generally wrong about everything, I’m taking the Skins 32-17. (I’m counting on YOU to pull this off, NSA.) Kansas City is playing the Jets, but I think KC is overdue for a major volcanic eruption which will prevent the team from making it to the stadium on time. Jets win it 21-7. And finally, Pittsburgh is playing the Ravens. I have no reason to think Ed will lose this one, particularly after the incredible week that Big Ben had last time out, but I’ll take Baltimore in a squeaker, 27-24.

Ed: Baltimore embarrassed Pittsburgh in their earlier matchup, but now the Ravens have to play the Steelers at home. The Ravens are a mediocre road team, and Ben Roethlisberger just played his best game ever. I’ll take Pittsburgh in that one, 28-20. The Jets are on the road this week against an improving Kansas City, and it won’t be close even with butter-fingered Michael Vick under center; KC 33, Jets 17. The Vikings are at home, but Colt McCoy gives way to RGIII today. Expect the Redskins to extend their road streak to two, 27-20 over Minnesota.

Jazz: Here are our other four games this week:

  • Eagles at Texans (1:00, Fox) – Philadelphia is a two point favorite, which is surprising, given that J.J. Watt is racking up sacks like they’re on sale and Houston looked really strong against the Titans last week. But I think the birds still have enough gas in the tank if Foles stays focused. Eagles beat the Texans, 34-21.
  • Cardinals at Cowboys (1:00, Fox) – Dallas has been hit and miss for me and the renewed back injury for Romo should give anyone cause for concern, but they are within sniffing distance of a playoff berth and should have what it takes to beat Arizona in a blowout, 35-15.
  • Broncos at Patriots (4:25, CBS) – Denver has been underperforming across the board compared to the expectations everyone had going into the season, but the Pats haven’t exactly been shining either. It’s not like it will help the Jets for New England to lose, but I still hate the Patriots. Denver takes this one easily 27-13.
  • Colts at Giants (8:30 Monday, ESPN) – I have no idea how the Giants will perform on any given Sunday anymore, but they have the home field advantage. The Colts are a 3 point favorite after somehow losing to the Steelers last week, but I’ll go with the upset and take New York, 24-21.


  • Eagles at Texans (1:00, Fox) – The Texans are at home, but so far this season they’re only beating sub-par teams. The Eagles should have a tough time but eventually wear down the Texans, 33-24.
  • Cardinals at Cowboys (1:00, Fox) – Tony Romo’s iffy, and the Cowboys got humiliated last week by a seldom-used backup who should get another look from teams looking to fix QB issues, Colt McCoy. The Cardinal are a lot tougher than the Redskins. Arizona will win a close one, 28-24.
  • Broncos at Patriots (4:25, CBS) – The over-under on this game is 55, according to ESPN. Take the over. This will be a shootout, and it will be fun to watch. The Pats have not lost a home game this season, and while I’ll probably root for Peyton Manning and the Broncos, I’ll pick the Pats at home, 38-35.
  • Colts at Giants (8:30 Monday, ESPN) – Pittsburgh embarrassed the Colts last week, and it will be interesting to see how well they bounce back. This is the time of the season in which Tom Coughlin teams start playing better ball, too, but the key fact here is that the Colts have the #1 passing game in the league — and New York has the 25th-ranked passing defense, and the rest of its game is mediocre at best. I’ve got to take Indianapolis here, 31-23.