Video: Your weekend Priebus vs DWS moment

I’ll confess that I missed CNN’s State of the Union this morning because there was a football game on which took place in England for reasons which have never been adequately explained. But when I did hear about it, the link came from TPM, who declared it to be an event which spiraled Into Childish Chaos. That was all it took for me to know that this was going to be good. And as expected, it was Reince facing off with the one Democrat who doesn’t even have Barack Obama covering her back, talking yet again about whether or not the President’s policies were on the ballot next week.

Host Candy Crowley first asked Priebus if this election is about scaring voters into voting a certain way. And when he responded with a line about President Obama’s policies being on the ballot, Crowley asked Wasserman-Schultz if that was true.

As the DNC chair responded, Priebus jumped in to insist that Wasserman-Schultz answer the question about Obama’s policies.

After Crowley asked another question, the two chairs quickly started talking over each other again, discussing completely different topics.

“This is ridiculous,” Priebus noted.

Crowley then asked Wasserman-Schultz again whether Obama’s policies are on the ballot, and Priebus jumped in once more.

“Are they the president’s policies or not? Are the president’s policies on the ballot or not?” Priebus echoed.

“Reince, maybe you could let Candy ask me the questions rather than you,” Wasserman-Schultz retorted.

“She’s been doing a great job of it so far — you haven’t been answering them, though,” Priebus hit back.

Yes, it drives the Talking Points Memo crew crazy, but even they can’t defend DWS when she melts down like this. They can claim that Reince was feeding into the scrum, but whenever Schultz pulls out a weapon and takes aim at her own foot, the RNC chair is more than willing to help her load up the magazine.

I briefly considered saying that, at this point, I almost feel sorry for her. But then I realized that I really don’t. Let’s go to the video and you folks can have at it.