Michele Bachmann must be doing something right if ISIS is after her

Her name doesn’t appear in the national headlines nearly as often as it used to, but apparently there are those in other parts of the world who remember who Michele Bachmann is. Yet another ISIS video has popped up, and it includes the Minnesota congresswoman making remarks about terrorism. This has set off enough alarms that Bachmann has been assigned her own security team.

Rep. Michele Bachmann has been provided with a “limited” protection detail after a picture of her appeared in a video by the Islamic State, a source confirmed to Fox News.

However, the source said, the temporary protection from the U.S. Capitol Police is not a full-blown, around-the-clock detail as is provided to top congressional leaders. According to the source, this sort of temporary detail is provided at times to members of Congress if there is a reasonable threat to their safety…

The concern about the safety of Bachmann, R-Minn., stems from a video released by the Islamic State that features a clip of Bachmann speaking about the rise of radical Islam.

I’m always hesitant to attempt to peer inside the mind of groups like ISIS, because while animals frequently exhibit uncanny, sly instincts, it’s difficult to parse that sort of “thinking.” But in this case I still have to wonder how the terrorists’ social media wing settled on Bachmann as the go to legislator to highlight. True, she has always been very outspoken regarding Islamic terrorism and I’m sure that hasn’t exactly made her a crowd favorite among those who support ISIS, but this is 2014. From all indications, she is on her way off the national stage. She is not seeking reelection and while she has dropped a few teasers about another POTUS run, she hasn’t made any real moves in that direction. (And given her last run, it’s hard to imagine she’d want to.) Why would she be a target?

Then again, maybe the terrorists think that a woman daring to enter into the power structure which should be “reserved for men” in their eyes is a greater insult and in need of correction. Who knows? As I said, it’s never easy to read the minds of the insane. But Bachmann clearly has gotten their attention, and it’s probably prudent to put some common sense safeguards in place.