House candidate complains that female GOP opponent hasn't "worked manually"

We touched on the rather strange goings on in New York’s 21 congressional district race last weekend, but the fascinating candidate put up by the Democrats just keeps bringing me back to the well. Millionaire filmmaker Aaron Woolf met up with his opponent, Republican small businesswoman Elise Stefanik for a debate this week. In the midst of the action, he suddenly popped up with an observation which left everyone scratching their heads.

“I don’t know if you have ever worked manually for a living like I have and I’m certain that [Green Party candidate Matt Funiciello] probably has-I don’t know if you can say something to a 49-year-old who’s working with their body-with their hands-it’s very different thing than sitting behind a desk and operating a computer.”

After Woolf originally made such a big deal out of Stefanik’s dating history, making comments about whether or not she’s ever “worked with her body” might not have been the best strategy. (Not to mention the question of exactly how much manual labor a filmmaker is doing on a weekly basis.)

This episode was odd enough to catch the attention of the gang on The Five. (Video follows) The analysis of Bob Beckel as to the competency of Woolf’s campaign staff is not to be missed.

A statement like that is something that you do when you are running for senior president of the class. You don’t make that kind of statement when you are running for federal office—that I blame on his consultants. That was a pre-scripted answer by the way. Anyone that scripts an answer like that, frankly out to get out of that business and get into the dry cleaning business.