Anti-Obamacare movie producer randomly hit with first tax audit ever

I’m sure glad that all the exposure of the activities of the IRS and Lois Lerner have put an end to using the IRS as a tool to attack administration critics. The crisis clearly is over, citizens.

The producer of a new movie that criticizes Obamacare has reportedly become the latest prominent conservative slapped with an IRS audit.

Logan Clements, producer of “Sick and Sicker: ObamaCare Canadian Style,” announced via press release Tuesday that he is being audited for the first time ever.

The news comes one month after the conservative Breitbart News announced that it, too, was being audited and that the action was probably politically motivated.

Mr. Clements‘ movie makes the case that Obamacare will eventually lead to socialized medicine like Canada.

The Daily Caller notes that Clements will now be filling his days with a new hobby… collecting mountains of paperwork.

As with any IRS audit, Clements is reportedly faced with a laundry list of demands from the tax agency, including “a detailed description of all transactions related to all prior year returns and supporting documentation.”

As Lois Lerner continues to battle congressional investigations into IRS targeting of conservatives, Clements is extremely suspicious about the motivations behind his audit.

Suspicious? Why on Earth would you be suspicious? I mean, it’s not like the agency has been used as a tool of political persuasion in the past or anything. He’s probably just paranoid.

Obviously it’s possible – at least in theory – that this is all either a coincidence or there was something on the producer’s tax returns which triggered a red flag in the system. But if that’s the case, the IRS should be willing to go above and beyond normal levels of disclosure and let us know what set this particular investigation in motion. In the meantime, Mr. Clements would like to share a few words with you on the subject himself. Give it a view.