Democrats very interested in female GOP candidate's "personal relationships"

I suppose this is today’s update on the War on Women, but it once again seems to be coming from the opposite side of the aisle than you’d expect if you’re watching cable news. Our story comes to us from New York’s 21st congressional district, also locally known as “the North country” for its rural, mountainous nature. Many long time election fans will better remember it as it was known before the last census redistricting when it was NY-23 and the site of the 2009 special election debacle featuring Dede Scozzafava. (The less said about that, the better.) This year the seat is being vacated by Democrat Bill Owens and there are two relatively unknown contenders seeking to replace him. The party of the donkey has nominated self-funding millionaire film producer Aaron Woolf, while the Republicans have small businesswoman Elise Stefanik.

Recently, a Woolf supporter penned a letter to the editor of the Watertown paper demanding to know if Elise (who is single) has any “private relationships” with anyone, and who such a person might be. The letter came from Mike Flynn, a self-described Democrat political analyst and Woolf supporter, and the leering implications of questioning the candidate’s private dating and romantic history were enough to put anyone off their feed. The Woolf campaign quickly tried to distance themselves from the letter, calling it, “reprehensible and antithetic” to what his campaign is about. But as the Daily Caller reported, there was more to the story than originally met the eye.

Flynn didn’t take his dismissal lightly, firing back by releasing off-the-record Facebook and email correspondence with the Woolf campaign and state Democratic party — communications he claims prove he was “on-message” and working on the campaign’s behalf.

The grammatically-challenged letter noted that the 30-year-old Stefanik “hadn’t mentioned anything about her significant other, nor had she been asked by the Fourth Estate about any ongoing relationship she was involved with in her private life . . . I don’t think this falls under the heading of prying eyes.”

So Flynn apparently was in cahoots with the Woolf campaign and wanted to get the question out there in the public eye. But would anyone in their right mind be asking this question if the candidate were a young, single male? Isn’t this rather War on Womenish?

Perhaps the Woolf campaign was just getting a little desperate. Despite having a huge financial advantage over Stefanik – who is essentially running a campaign across a vast, sparsely populated district on little more than shoe leather – she has somehow opened up a double digit lead in the latest polling. And in another rather humorous twist to this race, isn’t it usually the Democrats who are demanding that rich, fat cat Republicans release their tax returns? In this case, it’s Democrat Woolf who has come under scrutiny for the same thing.

Elise Stefanik is calling on Aaron Woolf to release his tax returns to the public.

Woolf has come out in favor of the Buffet Rule, which would impose a 30 percent income tax on American making over $1 million.

While Stefanik hasn’t officially come out against the Buffet Rule, her campaign is calling it a sham and says if Woolf is in favor of it, voters should know if he would abide by it.

“Voters should know that a candidate who’s calling for higher taxes is going to be able to walk the walk. He has refused to do that,” said Lenny Alcivar, Stefanik communications director.

There’s a refreshing change for you. If Woolf is ready to have the rich “pay their fair share” he should be at the head of the line to do so himself, no? But in closing, since the Democrats are so interested in Ms. Stefanik’s personal relationships, Hot Air has concluded their own in-depth investigation and I can report that Elise does in fact have a special someone in her life. And just to make things all the more salacious for the Woolf campaign… it’s not even a guy. Her name is Nala, and her picture is below.


Happy now? All you Democrats can run with that scoop. Just be sure to credit us for the story. Oh, and if any of you would care to kick in a couple of bucks to help Elise fight back against this kind of dirty pool, you can do so here.

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Jazz Shaw 8:31 AM on December 04, 2022