Montana Dems replace plagiarist Senate candidate with... a socialist?

As we reported on August 16th, Montana Democrats had s quick meeting to replace John Walsh as their Senate candidate after revelations that he had plagiarized his master’s degree work. They selected Amanda Curtis, a Montana state representative. Noah followed that up with some revelations that Curtis was on record with some statements which were pretty far left, even by the standards of coastal Democrats.

Curtis mocks gun ownership, religion, family values, concern over the $17.6 trillion national debt, and self-identifies as an anarchist. Montana most certainly has a historic blue streak, but Curtis is a candidate so openly left-wing that she would have trouble winning a statewide race – much less the Democratic Party’s nomination — in even traditionally blue states.

If some recent revelations prove true, the items that Noah highlighted are small potatoes to Curtis. American Commitment has dug up some interesting Facebook information which purports to show Curtis at a funeral with members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

Rep. Curtis was nominated for the United Stated Senate by the Montana Democratic Party on August 16, 2014. Less than two weeks earlier, on August 4, she tagged herself in this photograph featuring IWW banners and identifying Curtis as an FW, or “Fellow Worker,” the term used in IWW for group members:

Her husband Kevin Curtis is the Butte delegate to the IWW’s statewide group, known as Two Rivers General Membership Branch. The telephone number listed for Mr. Curtis in his role with IWW is the same number Rep. Curtis lists as her primary contact for legislative constituents.

The mission statement for the Two Rivers General Membership Branch of IWW (of which Kevin Curtis is a leader and Amanda Curtis is a member) is:

The Two Rivers General Membership Branch consists of members of the Industrial Workers of the World, a.k.a. Wobblies, from across the state of Montana (Missoula, Hamilton, Butte, and Billings). We are working to organize the people of Montana into the One Big Union to end wage slavery and eventually end the capitalist system.

There’s even more information at the link, and while it will take some more verification, the photo certainly looks legit.


If this all pans out, it may turn out that Montana Democrats made an even bigger mistake than Noah originally estimated. If this is the replacement you had in mind, maybe you should have stuck with the plagiarist.