Video: Carly Fiorina ends the War on Women

When it comes to the Sunday morning talking heads festivals, I tend to jump around a bit these days. And even with the slim pickings available, one of the ones I rarely seem to wind up watching is State of the Union on CNN with Candy Crowley. Generally it’s only on my television if I’m watching CNN for the overnight highlights and am too busy or lazy to change the channel at 9 o’clock. But that’s what happened today and I’m rather glad I did. The subject at hand was the never ending War on Wimminz being perpetrated by the evil Republican Party, but the guest was Carly Fiorina, former CEO of HP.

Most of this should be common sense for the majority of you, but I’ve rarely seen anyone deconstruct nonsense so quickly and efficiently. Transcript follows the video, courtesy of Tim Cavanaugh at The Corner.

“A lot of women, me included, are sick of the ‘war on women,’” the former Hewlett-Packard CEO and California Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. “And we saw it in spades on Monday after the Hobby Lobby case. The women of Hobby Lobby had access to contraception through their company insurance plan before Obamacare; they have access to contraception — 16 forms of it — after the ruling. But somehow, you know, this is the long arm of business and the Republican Party reaching into the body of women. It’s ridiculous.”

Fiorina then pulled out a fortune she said she’d received recently in a fortune cookie.

“‘Strong and bitter words indicate a weak cause,’” Fiorina read. “And that’s exactly right. The War On Women is shameless, baseless propaganda. There’s no fact to it. But it’s worked because it’s scared women to death. Enough.”

I particularly liked the fortune cookie schtick. It fit in well with the signal to noise ratio of the discussion and certainly made for at least as reliable a source as Fiorina’s liberal debate partners. Enjoy.

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