Fat. It's the new black.

I know what you’re thinking this Mother’s Day weekend… we probably don’t have enough protected classes of citizens in America. #Amiright? Well, fear not, citizens. There’s a new minority in town, and as Rick Moran explains, rather than being loud and proud, they’re large and in charge.

The imbroglio involving TNT NBA analyst Charles Barkley’s comments about obese people is one of those incidents that you find it hard to agree with either side. Barkley — once known as the “round mound of rebound” should be the last person making fun of fat women. His fellow analyst Shaq O’Neil looks like he’s been packing on the pounds himself since he retired.

You have to imagine the TNT studio guys sitting around, mouthing off as guys might do in a locker room or a Man Cave, giving their opinions about how some women look, how ugly or hot they are. Except these guys are on national TV with a couple of million people tuning in.

Quite insensitive, no? But the reaction from a “fat acceptance” group should put America on notice that the next great drive for victimhood status is going to come from the BBW crowd.

Talk about a “gold mine” — imagine the smiles on the faces of the big, beautiful women who are working to make criticism and mocking of obese people something akin to racism

Far be it from me to criticize, but I think Rick is burying the lead here. Because there is actually a fat acceptance group and it’s the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance.

Size Discrimination Consequences are Real!

Creates medical and psychological effects
Results in wage disparity
Affects hiring and promotion
Affects academic options and advancement

As Rick puts it, you, too, can become a protected class under EEOC, affirmative action, and — the jackpot — the Americans with Disabilities Act. All it takes is money to hire a bunch of lobbyists and to contribute to the right political campaigns.

I’m nobody to be telling others to get into shape. (Actually, I am in shape. Round is a shape.) But is this really yet another protected class? I don’t expect anyone to hire me to model swimsuits or run packages up and down six flights of stairs in a building with no elevator. I wouldn’t be qualified for the job, and honestly I’d be rather embarrassed to have Uncle Sam come in with me, holding my hand and ordering the boss to give me the job. Not everyone has control over their size, though many do and are perhaps just comfortable with the way they look. But I don’t think we need a national association to advance (Fill in the Minority) acceptance.

But I suppose that ship has sailed. Fat: It’s the new black. But it won’t make a very good Netflix original series.