George Zimmerman / DMX fight cancelled. Liberals take victory lap

In case you missed it, celebrity fight promoter Damon Feldman recently set up another of these pay per view boxing events between George Zimmerman and DMX (who is apparently a musician fallen on hard times). These celebrity boxing events are not a new thing. They’ve been held before, featuring various B list actors, failed childhood stars and other media figures. Danny Bonaduce went through a lot of this as an adult when his career fizzled after the Partridge Family years. But back to Zimmerman…

The proceeds from the show were slated to go to charity. But there is still a very large, vocal cohort of people in the media and the liberal chat circuit who are unimpressed with America’s system of trial by jury and become highly exercised over the thought of anything happening to Zimmerman that doesn’t involve him being run down by a car. It didn’t take long for them reach for the digital ink and protest Zimmerman being seen anywhere on the planet.

Welcome to the world of 21st Century gladiators, where virtually any spectacle is acceptable as long as it rakes in big crowds and bigger bucks – the bloodier, the more outrageous, the more offensive, the better.

In one corner, you’ve got Zimmerman, who says that even before “the incident” – that would be that time he killed Trayvon Martin two years ago – he’d been doing “boxing-type training for weight loss” and is therefore really ready to lace up his gloves. And in the other corner, you’ve got DMX, whose most memorable work of late was performing an impromptu Christmas rap for Rudolph.

Their efforts in this case proved effective, with Feldman announcing last night that the fight was off.

The much hyped and even more divisive bout between DMX and acquitted Trayvon Martin killer George Zimmerman has been called off, according to the promoter.

“This was the wrong person to put in the ring and define celebrity boxing,” Damon Feldman said Saturday on Twitter, referring to Zimmerman. He said he was scrapping plans because “I’d rather be happy and make people happy.”

I first heard of the cancellation on CNN, where one of the anchors took to Twitter with the announcement and what certainly looked like a celebratory strut.

The celebrations on the Left were predictable, of course, because the message had been the same all along. The real “rationale” for protesting this event are possibly best summed up in this piece by Dean Obeidallah at The Daily Beast.

This event is truly despicable. I can’t even imagine the pain that the media reports of this boxing match must be causing the parents of Trayvon Martin. First, they lose their son. And now the man who killed him, will be starring in a TV special where he’s considered a “celebrity.”

Let’s be clear: this is far from the typical celebrity boxing match that Feldman has set up in the past which featured the likes of Tanya Harding, Jose Canseco and Michael Lohan. This match showcases a man who shot and killed someone. That is the sole reason we know the name George Zimmerman and why he is considered a “celebrity.” …

Simply put: Zimmerman—with the help of DMX and Feldman—are seeking to profit off the killing a black teenager.

This is the load of hogwash – for lack of a better term – which underlies each and every protestation of the fact that George Zimmerman still dares to exist and breath the air on their planet. And it’s based on fiction. The new line of attack on Zimmerman is that he is someone who wanted to be “a celebrity” and to “profit off the death of Trayvon Martin.” And of course, since we all know he’s guilty (American judicial system be damned) we need to make sure that his life is as miserable as possible. They didn’t get what they wanted in a court of law, so now they will seek to exact vigilante justice through the power of the liberal media.

Here’s a tip for Obeidallah and the rest of the media contingent unable to find a clue; there was nothing in Zimmerman’s past before he encountered Martin that indicated any interest in being “a celebrity.” And after the trial, the only reason that Zimmerman became any sort of celebrity was that people like Dean and the rest of his ilk kept Zimmerman’s name on the little screen – in the worst light possible – as often as they could. Zimmerman was pulled over for speeding and released with a warning. That was front page news on CNN. He and his wife split up. It was on every nightly newscast. Really? Traffic violation warnings and divorces are national news?

That’s why George Zimmerman is “a celebrity” who might attract the attention of a pay per view fight event. Because you in the media made it happen. It’s also why there is such outrage if Zimmerman sells a painting that he creates or does anything else which might generate some funds. At last count, he had more than two million dollars in legal bills awaiting payment. (Bills which he ran up defending himself in a case which the prosecutors didn’t even want to take to trial because it looked so shaky.) And thanks to his unsought “celebrity” it’s not as if he can just go apply for a regular job. But Obeidallah and the rest don’t want Zimmerman to have a job. They don’t want him to earn a living in any fashion. They want to make sure that they can punish him because they can’t stand the idea of a jury agreeing that he was found not guilty. And they plan to bring on the pain as much as is inhumanly possible.