I know... let's forget about Obamacare and start a big immigration reform fight!

Allahpundit brought up the waffling issue, demonstrating that this isn’t anywhere near a done deal yet, but the continuing trend seems to be Republicans marching out on camera to talk about working on a “comprehensive” immigration reform plan. This is more than a little disappointing on a couple of levels. There have already been some sacrifices made to keep the train on the tracks which have gotten the blood of many conservatives boiling. Avoiding a bloodbath on the debt ceiling and the budget deal was a big give, but it kept the focus on Obamacare (an issue where Republicans are finally winning and looking to knock several Senate seats back into the red column.) In terms of media wars, if we can get the Christie bridge story off the front page one way or the other, things should settle back into the long predicted train wreck taking place before everyone’s eyes. And yet… well, I’ll let Andrew McCarthy explain.

Now, with the Obamacare debacle getting worse by the day and teeing up as the defining issue of the 2014 midterm elections, Republican leadership has decided this is the perfect time to roll out an immigration-reform proposal (i) that has nothing to do with Obamacare and is certain to detract attention from its failure; (ii) that fraudulently proclaims “enforcement first” while actually prioritizing legal status for law-breakers, thereby encouraging more law-breaking and ensuring that enforcement never happens; (iii) that depends for enforcement on a president who has demonstrated that he will not enforce the immigration laws; and (iv) that will be deeply offensive to the GOP’s already disgruntled conservative base, ensuring that droves of them will sit out the 2014 midterms.

McCarthy describes this as sheer genius with tongue planted firmly in cheek. I really don’t understand what Boehner is even debating. (Unless, of course, he actually has no intention of moving on any immigration bills and is just paying lip service to keep the media interested.) There’s not going to be comprehensive immigration Big Bill on the floor without his approval, so the solution in this case should be to simply do nothing. And isn’t that supposed to be the one thing Congress is good at anyway? For face saving purposes, a series of small bills which toughen border security (though that still looks like a finger in the leaking dike scenario), give employers the tools to verify the immigration status of applicants and significantly toughen penalties for those who hire illegals could pass the House. Then, when Harry Reid or Barack Obama try the you won’t work on immigration reform line, you just remind them that you’ve already sent three bills over awaiting their signature, followed by, so… how’s that Obamacare thing working out?

Will they have the discipline to stay on course or are we going to round up the circular firing squad again? Place your bets.