The Ed Morrissey Travelogue Returns

It’s taken some time for us to receive an update from Ed while he’s been away. That’s understandable, of course, since it took him quite a while to implant the Stuxnet virus on the Russians and lobby the French over the Iran deal while still squeezing in some time to take the First Mate out for a good time. But he’s finally checked in, and in response to any number of questions from the readers, he wanted me to bring you up to date on his adventures. With that, we can now reveal that Ed has spent a few days in the Holy Land and sent along a few snapshots to share. (The picture for this entry on the front page, by the way, is Ed and the First Mate on a boat crossing the Sea of Galilee.)


Here’s another shot from the same day, this time showing sunrise over Galilee.


This one is from when the happy couple visited Mensa Christi – the rock on which the risen Savior prepared breakfast for the disciples.


The next shot was taken inside a Greek Orthodox church in Cana.


And our last picture is the Mosaic above the altar at Church of the Transfigurtion.


Ed has since moved on from the Holy Land to his next assignment. I don’t have a high enough clearance level to be informed of the specifics, but it apparently involves drilling through some sort of polar ice caps, so that should be exciting. Ed has some more photos from the last leg of his trip, though, and if there is sufficient interest we’ll share a few more over the weekend and until Ed and the First Mate return home.


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