Observing Veterans Day 2013

As we do each year, today the nation will take some extra time out to honor those who served their nation in uniform. For those of us who answered the call, it’s frequently a day filled with mixed emotions, but a lot of happiness as well. When we go down to the VFW or the local Legion post, nobody really expects people to come running up and gushing “thank you” to us (though it’s nice when it happens… and it does happen), but it’s also a chance for those of us with a bit more gray hair to welcome the newest vets.

The veterans show up in all walks of life, and that includes serving in elected office. Robert Costa at The Corner brings our attention to a video from the NRSC which also seeks to honor some of those who served.

In a new video, the National Republican Senatorial Committee salutes veterans, including Representative Tom Cotton, who’s running for Senate in Arkansas against Democrat Mark Pryor. Also featured: NRSC chairman Jerry Moran and John McCain, who speaks warmly of his family’s service.

“I am very glad that I joined the Army,” Cotton says. “I look back on it with great pride, a sense of honor, and thankfulness.”

I hope you’ll all take a moment out today to say Thank You to the veterans in your life, and not just forget about it tomorrow. There is a whole new generation of veterans coming home to us and they deserve all the support we can give them as they launch into the next chapter in their lives. Now, in closing, please visit our friend Jeff at The Lid who offers up A Veteran’s Day Prayer.

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