Dick Cheney not such an Enzi fan these days it seems

This was a pretty good interview with Dick Cheney all around on ABC this morning. It was broken out into a few segments and covered plenty of ground. Portions of it had to do with his new book in which he discusses some fairly heavy, non-policy topics, specifically dealing with his own mortality while waiting for his heart surgery.

We’ll have the video in a second, but it’s worth noting that the political stuff he did cover was fairly spicy, as you’ve come to expect. When asked about Liz’s run back home in Wyoming, he wasn’t just cheerleading for her… he was taking some shots at Enzi.

“Mike has a record, if you go back and review his finances, of getting about 84 percent of his campaign funds from Washington-based PACs. That’s more than any senator of either party. He doesn’t get much money from Wyoming,” Cheney told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on “This Week” Sunday. “In the quarter just reported, Liz got 25 percent of her funds from Wyoming; he got 13 percent of his from Wyoming. She outraised him in the last quarter, over a million dollars in the first quarter out there.”

Cheney also took Enzi to task for saying that the pair are fishing buddies in an interview this week with The Daily Beast.

“Mike also said he and I are fishing buddies, which is simply not true. Never happened,” Cheney said.

I can see criticizing Mike Enzi on the fundraising thing. I mean, it’s not much to go on, but nobody has had much luck finding anything to throw at Enzi’s wall that’s sticking with Wyoming voters. But the fishing comment? That’s just hurtful, Dick. Is there nothing left which can cross political boundaries and bind us all together? As a lifetime fisherman, I’d hope it could at least be that. But alas… apparently not.

Exit question, as I prepare for the Jets game. (We’re going to win, by the way. That’s why Ed didn’t pick the game.) Dick Cheney is no stranger to political battles at any level. How much of this is him seeing something in the Enzi race that nobody else is talking about, and how much is putting on the required good face for his daughter? Is there really any bad blood between he and Enzi which just never made headlines before, or is this just part of the theater of politics and all will be forgiven and forgotten once the race is over?

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David Strom 5:21 PM on June 02, 2023