Video: People who've never heard of Obamacare? They exist.

I turned on CNN this morning while having breakfast, and after sitting through some of the usual impending doom, shutdown stories, was stopped in my tracks when they ran a video on Obamacare. But unlike the usual coverage, this was a reporter following a group of NGO workers who were going door to door, ostensibly seeking to educate people about the upcoming changes and health care exchanges. The story here, however, wasn’t the quality of the information they were putting out, but the number of people who either knew essentially nothing about the legislation or – in some cases – had never even heard of it. They cite one statistic which claims that 43% of Americans don’t know anything about the existence of the new exchanges. Check out a few of these responses and then we’ll get to the actual video.

Maher Hamoui: “I know it has something to do with caring about people. You know… Obamacare. So basically that’s all I know.”

That one was nothing compared to one of Mr. Hamoui’s neighbors.

Jose Menendez: I have a question. Who created this affordable health care plan that you’re speaking of?

Reporter: This was passed by Congress.

JM: Oh, Congress! And I’m just wondering, as a citizen of America, how come I did not hear of this? Is Obama forcing Americans to get this insurance? Because it sounds that way.

We’ve discussed this topic here before, since it pops up on virtually every contentious issue we face in America today. How much of a problem are the so called “Low Information Voters” in terms of determining the nation’s fate? Sometimes it’s simply a case of people who actually are aware of the subject, but have different opinions, so their opponents conclude they must simply be uninformed to reach such incorrect conclusions. Others may be partisans who are ideologically locked to a position, consequences be damned, but they are lumped into the same category. More often, people simply don’t pay attention to politics and government nearly as much as those who frequent political blogs and are glued to the cable news networks every day.

Even that last group could be accurately described as low information voters. But what about these folks? These are NO INFORMATION voters. How on Earth could anyone who doesn’t live off the grid in a cabin in the mountains have never even heard of Obamacare? It’s everywhere. Even if you don’t watch the news, there are commercials on every channel. It’s on the front page of every paper. Things show up in your mail box unbidden, blasting you with information from both sides. You’d almost have to be making a conscious effort not to expose yourself to anything outside your house to have never run across the word.

It truly boggles the mind. Anyway, here’s the full video for your consideration.

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