Remember when Iran hacked our Navy computers?

It’s amazing how quickly things have turned around with Iran, isn’t it? It seems like only weeks ago that they were part of the Axis of Evil, waiting to unleash nuclear destruction on the world and bring down the West. But seemingly in the blink of an eye, the President is on the phone with the new public face of Iran and our Secretary of State is saying that the nuclear standoff could be over in a matter of weeks. The future’s so bright I’m wearing shades, and it’s tough to see how any fly could possibly land in the ointment at this point. Unless….

Iran hacked unclassified Navy computers within the last few weeks, according to anonymous U.S. officials.

The officials say the attacks, which breached an unclassified computer network, were done by hackers working directly for the Iranian government or for a group acting with governmental approval. They said that they do not believe that any data of significant importance was stolen. Iranian cyber-warfare capabilities were previously thought to be negligible, and Iranian attacks typically focused on American banks and energy companies.

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey have both been briefed on the intrusions, as has Congress.

If, as the report indicates, “news of the attack” broke shortly after the President’s now famous Phone-A-Friend moment with Rouhani, one assumes that we knew about it a bit beforehand. Did nobody think to mention it to the President? Or was that not enough to put off the cell phone summit? I wonder if it came up on the call, but just wasn’t worth mentioning during the winners circle interviews with the media afterward.

Yes, it’s true that pretty much everyone is spying on everyone, as the NSA has clearly shown. And it’s not just an “us vs. them” situation, either. We seem to spy on our own allies and some of them do the same to us. (Heck, Israel is apparently spying on us, and we return the favor.) But it’s a lot easier to look the other way once in a while when it’s your friends, and another thing entirely when you’re getting hacked by somebody who is a constant topic of possible bombing runs. But then again, perhaps this is just the new normal. Either way, it’s poor timing for this sort of revelation just as our crack diplomatic team is ready to ring up a huge “victory” in international peace, love and understanding.

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