Video: If gun control worked, Chicago would be Mayberry

Here’s a little something to start your weekend off with a bang. Cam Edwards, who many of you already know from Twitter and NRA News fame, was invited to address the Independence Institute’s Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms event last weekend. There was a host of goodness coming out of this address – far too much to be captured in a single transcript – but so very worth your time if you’re looking for some Saturday morning viewing. The title here gives a decent sense to the overall flavor, but let’s just go to the video and a few highlights.

(Disclosure: I have been a guest on Cam’s show, interviewed on 2nd Amendment related topics, but I have never been a paid writer in the organization.)

If gun control worked, Chicago would be Mayberry right now! And Weld County and El Paso County would be Thunderdome! You guys wouldn’t have [Weld County] Sheriff [John] Cooke, you would have Tina Turner and Mel Gibson running around! It would be horrible! But that’s not real life! Real life is gun control not working in Chicago. Real life is gun control failing in Camden, New Jersey and Oakland, California, and a lot of other communities in this country . . .

We are pushing back with the lawsuits, with the phone calls to our legislators, by electing officials and supporting elected officials who listen to us. But we’re also pushing back by being grownups, and by being okay at it. By having hundreds of people show up at a range and fire thousands of shotgun shells . . . and everybody’s okay! And now we’re enjoying cigars and drinks and we’ll all get home safely tonight, right?

Because we can control our lives! We can manage our lives! It’s not too difficult. We’re not perfect. We may eat a little too much dessert every now and then. We may not be able to beat that one bad habit, like smoking cigarettes, whatever. But we’re a heck of a lot more capable than our government gives us credit for, aren’t we?

This was a real stemwinder, and honestly, I don’t have a lot to add to it. I might not have even noticed it were it not for seeing it in Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt. (Are you a subscriber, by the way? It’s a daily read for me, even if Jim can’t link to Hot Air for some reason which has never been sufficiently explained.) In any event, here’s your chance to listen to Cam and take off on wherever the discussion leads you.

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