Are you ready for the Obama donut?

Some of my recent travels have taken me through the south, and as fate would have it I found myself crossing paths with the President at the launch of his nascent Save the Middle Class Jobs and Opportunity Tour or whatever it’s called. This week he’ll be in The Scenic City, better known as Chattanooga, Tennessee, to tour an Amazon warehouse and change the subject from all of those imaginary scandals. There’s even a hashtag war going on over how this important date should be referenced on Twitter. (#ObamaNooga? #POTUSinCHA?)


This isn’t exactly Obama country around these parts, (ya’ll) and the level of excitement I’ve been running into is somewhere between underwhelming and mocking. But there are still some who are looking to find a silver lining in this self-serving cloud over the Tennessee River. One local bakery shop owner has decided to launch the Obama Donut in honor of his arrival.

One local baker is thrilled about President Obama’s visit, so much that she’s named a donut after him.

Julie Davis owns Julie Darling Donuts on the Northshore…

She did a lot of research to come up with the flavor.

“I did a little Google research and found out that he enjoys salted caramel milk chocolate candies. So, we created a chocolate donut that has a salted caramel icing on it in his honor. It’s called the Obama,” said Julie Davis, Julie Darling Donuts.

Here’s the photo, since you were bound to ask.


Julie has been on the local news making sure that her neighbors (and customers) know that this “isn’t a political statement” or a signal of support for his policies, but just a way to “honor the office.” In reality, she’s probably just another small business owner looking for any edge she can get in a tough market. But this leaves a few rather obvious questions open.


First of all, a chocolate donut? Come on now, Julie… we all know where that one is going. Also, salted caramel milk chocolate might make for a nice candy, but a topping for baked goods? Not sure if that’s a good mix. Besides, I don’t know if the donut is the best novelty food item to honor this particular visitor. Maybe a pie of some sort instead?

I’ll leave it to the readers to suggest their own.

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