Video: Obamacare will improve... marriages?

This is one of those fairly short hits which I’m forced to leave for the readers to evaluate. Sometimes there doesn’t seem to be much to say the face of staggering… I don’t even have the words. Congresswoman Janice Hahn weighed in during Thursday’s Small Business subcommittee hearing on Health and Technology in Washington with some thoughts on why Obamacare will be improve the overall quality of… marriage. (Found through RealClearPolitics) It’s not even a minute long, so just click play.

“It’s an interesting angle, to talk about people who really only have jobs for the health insurance as being one angle to that. I had a friend who got married to the wrong person just so she could have heath insurance. So, we’ll also have a lot of less bad marriages as a result of this.”

I actually know a couple of people who have taken jobs they really weren’t wild about (or stayed in ones which weren’t panning out) who cited employer provided health coverage as a factor. But if there’s an epidemic of people out there running off to get married for that reason, one would think we’d have heard more about it. But hey… Obamacare will at least lower the cost of premiums for everyone, right? And if it can halt the rise of the oceans, who’s to say that it won’t halt the rise of bad marriages?

You go, Congresswoman Hahn. Speak truth to power.