Andrew and the giant rabbit

By now I’m sure many of you are settled in with whichever Easter traditions you observe, but if you’re still browsing around for something to read, I’m going to offer up one suggestion which is a favorite of mine. Long time friend of Hot Air, Andrew Malcolm, has once again published a popular and endearing Easter column of his which tells a story from a different era. Particularly for those of you who’ve never read it, please take the time to read it in full. It’s Andrew’s own recounting of his time in Guam just when South Vietnam was falling. He was assigned to greet some new arrivals who were coming to America and found himself explaining a few American customs to the immigrants who were unfamiliar with our culture. One of those was the Easter tradition involving colored eggs and rabbits. The results are memorable. Here’s just a taste to get you started.

What kind of eggs are these Easter eggs? Bird eggs? Snake eggs?

No, no, chicken eggs. The audience nodded. Chicken eggs they knew. A good sign.

Well, just before Easter, I said, parents buy a whole bunch of these chicken eggs, hardboil them and then color and decorate them.


Well, it’s tradition. They look pretty. He translated. The crowd was slightly puzzled.

Do you eat them?

No. Well, not right then.

What do you do with these colored chicken eggs?

Well, at night the parents and grandparents hide all the chicken eggs around the house.

Translation. OK, no sense there. But Americans are a strange people.

And then in the morning, I said, the parents tell the children that a large rabbit had sneaked into the house during the night and hidden all the chicken eggs.

Tran stared at me.

A large rabbit?

Yes, a large rabbit. The Easter bunny.

He repeated that in Vietnamese. Dead silence descended. The children looked worried. No one spoke. Everyone stared. At me.

You’ll have to read the rest for yourself. Trust me… it’s worth it.

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on December 01, 2022