Too good to check - Lady Gaga for Inaugural Ball gig

There was a time when I’d have looked at an anonymously sourced story such as this with a fairly jaundiced eye, but by now it’s probably just par for the course. According to at least one nameless source, the special, private inaugural party for White House staffers will have a special guest on the agenda in the form of Lady Gaga of meat dress fame.

A person familiar with the inauguration tells The Associated Press that the pop star will perform at Tuesday’s ball for White House staffers. The source spoke on condition of anonymity because that person wasn’t authorized to publicly reveal the information.

I suppose this won’t come as too much of a shocker, since at the same event four years ago, the featured, er… artist was Jay-Z.

“99 Problems but George Bush Ain’t One”

You’re probably all settling in to watch football by this point, so there’s really no sense going into a long winded analysis of what this may or may not mean in terms of the the President’s second term in office. But given the hostile atmosphere in Washington this month surrounding the gun control debate, I do think there is one pertinent question to raise. Do you think she’ll at least throw us a bone and wear this outfit on the White House grounds?

Lady Gaga Gun Bra

And with that, we should finish up with a series of Lady Gaga videos so you can take in all of the wonder and debauchery which will be on display during the big party, and …

Okay… okay… I’m kidding. But here’s an article which shows that the pop diva has even managed to anger Barack Obama’s most staunch supporters. (Warning: More pictures of Lady Gaga in various costumes are behind the link, so click at your own risk.)