Mean old Scott Brown

A week ago we talked about the evolving media storyline which predicted that the Massachusetts Senate race between Scott Brown and Elizabeth warren might be turning nasty. Apparently the press corps in the Bay State is bound and determined to see this script play out come hell or high water. There’s plenty of hand wringing and pearl clutching on display in Worcester, as concerned observers worry, “Can Brown Afford to Keep Going Negative?”

Senator Scott Brown held nothing back in his debate against Democratic hopeful Elizabeth Warren on Thursday.

The Republican attacked Warren for her claims of Native American heritage, her status as a law professor at an elite university, her plans to raise taxes on businesses and the wealthy and her legal career, which included representing Travelers Insurance in a case against asbestos victims…

But as the Brown campaign continued to hammer on the Travelers Insurance case Friday morning, it seemed clear that the incumbent Senator was shifting gears as the race heads into the final stretch.

Apparently, even mentioning Warren – as opposed to ignoring her and her own attacks – is considered “negative” now. There was more than a little of that sentiment showing up during some of the reviews of his debate performance in other quarters. Huffpo attempted to lump Brown into the “War on Wimmins” story by noting that he had co-sponsored legislation that would allow any employer or insurer to deny women coverage of certain health services, including birth control, for “moral reasons.” .

Going even further, he is accused of not supporting Warren’s old boss.

Brown and Warren also sparred over the fact that Brown voted against confirming then-Supreme Court nominee Kagan, who supports abortion rights and is the former dean of the Harvard Law School, where Warren is a professor. Warren said she thinks women should be able to count on Roe v. Wade and that she was “really surprised” when Brown cast his vote.

“I’m sorry I didn’t vote for your boss,” Brown retorted. “There is a litmus test for me. A judge has to have good judicial character … and also has to have courtroom or judicial experience.”

Oh, dear! Nasty stuff there indeed. How “negative” can Brown go? Here’s the video of the entire debate for those of you who missed it and have some time to kill this weekend.