Tampa forecast: Scattered hurricanes with a chance of awesome

This coming week, I – along with an army of politicos, bloggers, journalists and gawkers of all stripes – plan to be descending on Tampa, Florida for the convention and seeing just what America’s Comeback Team has in store. (There will be a full host of Hot Air and Town Hall folk prowling the area, bringing you live coverage.) But like many of the visitors, I’m watching soon to be Hurricane Issac and wondering if they’ll even allow our planes to land.

Is this a sign from God? Or … just perhaps… a sign from the media that Mitt is doing a little too well for the comfort level of our media gatekeepers?

September will begin with Romney holding a gigantic financial advantage — and he will be using it closer to the election, when (assuming it’s well-conceived and useful) such spending will be far more effective than summer ads. Even more important for Romney was his vice-presidential pick. The selection of Paul Ryan has proved to be a spectacular success, and spectacular in unexpected ways.

It’s going to be a wild and wooly ride, both in terms of the weather and the activities of opponents. There may be anarchists afoot. Even worse, I heard rumors that they might be sending in Joe Biden. (Later reports, however, indicated that Joe thought better of it because of the weather. Poor baby.)

Of course, not all the dangers come in the form of potentially violent protesters and the wrath of Mother Nature. I’ll be sure to take the sound advice of Tampa resident Rick Wilson and stay out of the strip clubs. And there are apparently dangers involving panthers… not of the football variety.

Either way, assuming I can get my plane to touch down in the Sunshine State, I’ll have a mobile studio to wrangle some interviews and try to capture some of the sights and sounds of fury for you. But this weekend is a good time to toss out the question… what do you want to see? We’ll be going to events both inside and outside of the convention, but who would you like to hear from? Which events are on your radar? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do.