Go ahead. Make my [election] day.

Whenever you hear about celebrity endorsements from Hollywood these days it’s usually yet another multimillionaire coming out in support of President Obama. It’s a predictable pattern, really, since conservatives don’t tend to fare very well in Tinseltown unless they get so huge, powerful and popular that the entire country comprises their primary fan base. Interestingly enough, one such star showed up this week with a very different message for the election to come.

Barack Obama may have George Clooney. But Mitt Romney’s now got Clint Eastwood in his camp.

Eastwood appeared at a Sun Valley fundraiser for Romney on Friday night, telling reporters that he’s behind the former Massachusetts governor because “I think the country needs a boost.” …

Eastwood explained that he had been working in Massachusetts in the early 2000s while filming “Mystic River,” which he directed, at the same time Romney was running for governor: “I said, `God, this guy is too handsome to be governor, but he does look like he could be president.’ As the years have gone by I’m beginning to think even more so that.”

It’s not exactly a secret that Eastwood has long leaned toward the conservative side of thinking – particularly in terms of the environment he works in – but this is a more bold step than we normally see. Of course, at more than 80 years old, with his fortune and legacy secured, he undoubtedly has a good bit more freedom than some younger actors to partake in some “get off my lawn” moments and speak his mind without reservation.

Team Romney was quick like a bunny to get the word out, continuing to demonstrate the type of flexibility and rapid response required in what will doubtless be a very messy election battle. That was fairly encouraging, particularly since I was among the people who were questioning their reaction time during the primary season.

With all of that said, I should note that I’ve never been particularly taken with celebrity endorsements. I don’t think they really influence that many American voters beyond the amount of cash they can raise. But this one is at least notable for breaking the mold of stereotypical liberal lockstep fundraisers for the DNC. Plus… it’s Clint Eastwood. Come on. Are you going to argue with this guy?