Condi: Say, thanks for thinking of me, but...

Here’s a quick pop question for you on Bastille Day. What do you call fever pitch discussions of Condi Rice as the GOP vice presidential nominee?

Answer: Killing time in July.

But who are you going to believe… Drudge or your own lying eyes?

Condi: I’m Still Not Interested in VP Slot

An aide to Rice, who is now at Stanford University in California, said she was standing by previous statements that she was not interested in the position. “Nothing has changed,” Georgia Godfrey, Rice’s chief of staff, said in an email.

Rice said in an interview with CBS News last month that she would not seek the vice presidency. “I don’t see myself in any way in elected office. I love policy. I’m not particularly fond of politics,” she said in the interview on June 26.

When we first broached the topic here, the Hot Air community lit up the comments section and pretty much described every reason listed in the linked article why this was not only unlikely, but would probably be pretty unpopular. (Some more nicely than others.) Even if Rice had a taste for the job, she’s got some negatives with the base which would be hard to overcome.

She served her nation when called and, during her time at State, seemed to keep her own personal feelings on the shelf, supporting her boss and not rocking the boat. But since returning to private life, she’s been rather candid on some of her personal positions (being “mildly pro-choice” among other things) which would probably just cloud the picture going into the convention. Besides… she still might wind up making a crackerjack baseball commissioner.

Anyway, this report should put the speculation to rest. We now return you to our regularly scheduled Chris Christie love festival.

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