Noted outsourcer pretty upset about Romney outsourcing

You can file this one away as yet another case of Team Obama and the gang that can’t seem to shoot straight. As we noted earlier, the latest arrow in Barack Obama’s reelection quiver is to tie Mitt Romney to job outsourcing during his tenure at Bain Capital. This is a charge which was quickly picked up and trumpeted by the media, hoping to score a big hit against the GOP hopeful.

It certainly has some potential as campaign issues go. There is simply no denying that outsourcing has been bleeding high tech and manufacturing jobs alike out of the US since the 90’s, and there are plenty of people who are upset about it. So thinking that they smelled a bit of blood in the water, the Obama campaign continued the push by hosting a conference call on the subject.

The Obama campaign pounced this morning on a Washington Post article claiming Bain Capital invested in companies that helped ship American jobs overseas while Mitt Romney was at the helm of the firm, calling it a “significant moment” in this campaign.

“People really have a fundamental choice in this election,” Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod told reporters on a conference call. “The question is, do they want an outsourcer-in-chief in the Oval Office or do they want a president who will fight for American jobs, American manufacturing and the American middle class.”

And who did they get as an expert spokesperson to back up Axelrod on the subject? Enter one Leo Hindery. But Team Obama seems to have forgotten the importance of checking out the background of who you have acting as your surrogate. Hindery was the CEO of GlobalCenter around the same time Mitt was with Bain. And it turns out that Mr. Hindery knows a thing or two about outsourcing himself, as this corporate press release from 2000 shows. (Emphasis mine)

GlobalCenter’s services integrate the latest technology into an economical outsourcing model that specializes in the four elements critical for e-businesses to succeed in the new economy: connectivity, data centers, on-demand Internet applications and professional services. These services offer GlobalCenter customers reliability, cost-effectiveness, faster time to market advantages and economies of outsourcing, significantly reducing total cost-of-ownership with less capital and fewer internal IT staff requirements.

Oh, and the hits don’t stop coming there. The latest Obama spokesperson against the vulture capital tendencies of Mitt Romney wound up leaving that company shortly after that press release went out. And what happened next? Hindery somehow made a small fortune for himself as the company tanked and left everyone else unemployed and holding the bag.

Hindery, the former Chief Executive Officer of Global Crossing and a strong supporter of the Democrat Party, has been linked to highly questionable, undisclosed stock trades. The trades, which netted Hindery hundreds of thousands of dollars, were made at a time when Global Crossing barred its officers from trading company shares. While Hindery made off like a bandit, many were left penniless.

Leo Hindery Is One Of The Biggest Donors To The Democrat Party, Having Contributed More Than $2 Million Since 1999

I can’t confirm this, but I hear rumors that next week Axelrod will be trying to get an Obama endorsement from Allen Stanford.

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David Strom 3:31 PM on November 30, 2022