Win dinner with Barack Obama and...

Let’s prepare to close out the weekend with something which doesn’t fit any other possible category except “bizarre.” Alert readers are likely already aware that the President celebrated Friday’s dismal jobs report by striking out on a breathtaking series of six campaign appearances to help shore up the nation’s economy. You might think that would be enough for most people. (I mean, how much more can the guy do for us? He must be exhausted!) But no! There’s more campaign goodness in store.

Without much fanfare, Team Obama rolled out a new ad which will be running tonight during the MTV Movie Awards. It offers the opportunity for two lucky people to have dinner with not only the President and the First Lady, but with two of the people I’m sure we’d all like to spend time with. One is Sarah Jessica Parker. The other, and the hostess of this advertisement, is Vogue editor-in-chief and real life inspiration for The Devil Wears Prada, Anna Wintour. If you’ve never heard Ms. Wintour speak, it’s an experience which is.. ummm… why don’t I just let you watch it yourself.

I’m sorry, but that’s just creepy on some level I find difficult to describe. And is the MTV Movie Awards really where you want to be planting your flag, so to speak?

Yes, we get that Obama is trying to appeal to the kids/fashionistas by launching on MTV. And the awards show is fun and watchable because unlike other glad-handing awards shows, it is unpredictable. But for that reason, the ad buy raises a lot of political questions.

Like why would the President sponsor a show with such a long history of f-bomb dropping, Howard Stern butt-cheek baring and more tonsil-hockey playing than anyplace this side of the last song at a high school dance?

Not only that, but Anna Wintour? Really? Anna “Nuclear” Wintour, the alleged boss-from-hell who was the inspiration for “The Devil Wears Prada.” Doesn’t that just re-emphasize the elite, Coastal, liberal image that Republicans love to mock Obama for? It would be like if Mitt Romney were to hold a fundraiser at a place called Chateau Something….co-hosted by a CEO who just said she was going to shed 25,000 jobs from her company.

Honestly, who has their hand on the tiller over at the Obama reelection headquarters these days? This isn’t just phoning it in, it’s much closer to just generating campaign fodder for your opponent. Either way, enjoy the show! I know I won’t be watching.

I suppose we can close with this, submitted without comment.