Enviro-blackmailers spoof conservative pitch

For some time now we’ve been trying to keep you up to date on the combined efforts of the government of Ecuador, an army of US trial lawyers and a brigade of environmentalists to shake down Chevron for billions of dollars. It’s a rather pathetic effort which should have been brushed under the carpet in any sane system of justice, (sadly not a description which fits many courts) but even in a liberal paradise, judges from the U.S. Second District Court have upheld the company’s RICO charge that the campaign and its backers were engaged in an “extortionate scheme.”

So what are a group of enviro-extortionists to do? Easy answer… they’ll go on the air pretending to be conservatives to try to gin up support for their efforts. Jack Fowler reports at The Corner:

There’s a lot of money at stake (a number of deep-pocketed lefties have bankrolled this baloney, and are expecting a return on their investment), so next week the Amazon Defense Coalition is rolling out a major radio ad campaign—“You Break It You Fix”—targeting conservative-minded folk and trying to convince them that Chevron is “anti-American.” It’s faux patriotism meets Saul Alinsky (listen here).

The sad part is that the video is likely to fool a predictable number of conservatives. And that number is zero. Just give their short advertisement a look and decide for yourselves.

So… are you ready to jump on the “Sue Chevron” bandwagon yet?

I didn’t think so.