Forget football. Get ready for Pastor Tebow

Tim Tebow will be starting on Sunday. Of course, it has nothing to do with the wildcat formation or third and long. The new Jets superstar will be delivering the Easter sermon at a Texas church.

Tim Tebow is suiting up for Easter Sunday — although he’s still just a backup.

The sporting world’s best-known Christian will deliver a 20-minute sermon at a Texas church this weekend to mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Joe Champion of the Celebration Church in Georgetown, Texas, said he had no idea why the Jets’ newest addition picked their “Easter on the Hill” worship service for his appearance.

But he made it clear that Tebow’s role this Sunday is similar to his gig with Gang Green: He’s not the first-stringer.

“It’s not a Tim Tebow show,” Champion told KVUE-TV. “It’s not about celebrity. There’s really only one celebrity that we are going to honor and highlight.”

I continue wanting to dislike Tebow, but the guy really makes it tough. I managed to ignore him for he most part when he was in Denver, but when he signed on with the Jets, things got personal. I really didn’t want him coming to New York where we already have our full quota of sub-par quarterbacks. But there’s just something about the guy…

With lots of star athletes they make things easy. After they get some money in their pocket they start running around partying with supermodels, developing substance abuse problems or shooting themselves in the leg in a bar. But not Tebow. Nooooo.

“Hey, can you come deliver a sermon at our church?”


“Say, my kid has cancer. Can you come visit him and bring him to a game?”

“No problem.”

“My dog died.”

“Here. You can have my dog.”

Sheesh. What’s up with this guy? Can’t he at least get a jaywalking ticket or something so I can scream at him?