Mitt: "Not Going To Say Outrageous Things About The President"

This one should be right up your alley if you’re looking for some spicy fare on Super Tuesday. Mitt Romney has become known for occasionally shoving his $2,000 Italian leather shoes in his mouth, and this might add a little fuel to that fire. One of the chief complaints against the former governor, raised by conservatives and his opponents, is that he might not be a tough enough fighter to take on President Obama in the fall. They’re looking for a fighter… somebody who will take it to the President and gin up the base. That’s not exactly the tone he was setting when he met with Larry Kudlow for a quick interview.

KUDLOW: All right. And… I’m not going to light my hair on fire.’ That’s you. I don’t have it up here. But you say, `I’m not going to light my hair on fire.’ Was that your way of saying that the economic issues have to be preeminent relative to the social issues? Was that your message?

Gov. ROMNEY: Well, my message is I’m not going to say outrageous things about the president or about my opponents. It gets headlines and a lot of excitement, and it gets you, by the way, a number of days in the polls to get a nice little bump. But I’m going to talk about the real issues Americans face and talk with respect about people who have differing views. I’m not going to attack them personally. I mean, I know that’s fun, but it’s just not productive. And we need, as a nation, to come together to recognize that even though we have differing views about the country and about where we should go, we all love the country. And I recognize that among Democrats and among Republicans. I want to lead the country. I don’t want to castigate half of Americans. I want to bring us together and finally get the job done of having a stronger economy with a–with a government that’s been kept in the—in the–into the box it ought to be kept into.

Unlike some other charges regarding gaffe prone statements which date back to distant history, like… January.. this one takes place this week. And he’s sitting in the battlefield state of Ohio.

Personally I don’t get terribly upset over statements like that, but then again… RINO. I hope the eventual candidate can dance circles around Obama at the debate lecterns, drawing clear comparisons between current policy and what they have to offer. But I also understand that such an approach isn’t always enough to get supporters out in the streets and pounding the pavement for a victory in November. The implication here is that some of the other charges leveled against Obama by the rest of the field are not just in the high tension category, but “outrageous.”

This isn’t gong to do much to bring the base home to roost on Super Tuesday evening.

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