Obama team seeks new slogan

Recycling is nice, but you can only go just so far with it. This is as true for political slogans as plastic soda bottles, and with that in mind, the President’s reelection team is in search of some new market branding for 2012. You can’t blame them, really… I mean, “change” isn’t a very good theme when you’re the guy in the office. And as for “hope” this year, it’s mostly hoping to win I suppose. So something new is called for. What will it be? We’ll have to wait a while to find out.


Winning The Future. Greater Together. We Don’t Quit.

They may not be official but those are all phrases that could in one form or another be candidates to become President Barack Obama’s re-election slogan.

Advisers say a fresh slogan to replace the winning “Change we can believe in” mantra of 2008, is unlikely to appear before Obama knows who his Republican opponent will be and starts big campaign travel swings, likely in the spring or summer.

His campaign posters now say simply, “Obama 2012.”

Personally, I think “winning the future” won’t make the final cut. First of all, anything with “winning” in it has been somewhat degraded by Charlie Sheen. Then there’s that whole “WTF” acronym to work around. “Greater together” sounds good at first, but it’s fairly generic. I suppose I could see using, “We don’t quit” but it lends itself immediately to a follow-up line of, “… so I guess we’ll have to fire you.”


No, something better is called for. As regular readers know, Hot Gas is an equal opportunity blog and we’re always willing to help. In fact, we’ve been working on some new slogans for some time now and we’ve added a few new ones. They need to fit on a bumper sticker, so look these over and maybe – together – we can help Barack Obama out and come up with a winner.

Obama Sticker1

Obama Sticker2

Obama Sticker3

Obama Sticker4

Obama Sticker5

Obama Sticker6

Obama Rich Sticker

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