US Chamber of Commerce jumping into congressional races early

While seeing the US Chamber of Commerce getting actively involved in the battle to elect pro-business candidates to the House and Senate is nothing new, it is quite unusual to see them jumping into the race this early and this hard. The Chamber announced this week that they have produced television ads to be used in twenty races and will be making major ad buys in the near future.


“The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is launching a television ad and grassroots blitz in 12 House and 8 Senate races today. This is the earliest and most aggressive the [Chamber] has ever raised its voice in an election year…

“We’re engaging earlier and more aggressively than ever to educate constituents about which leaders recognize the role free enterprise plays in leading our economic recovery,” Thomas Donohue, president and CEO of the U.S. Chamber, is going to say today. ‘It comes down to a simple question: Is big government or free enterprise the solution to our country’s economic problems?’”

The ads are fairly straight forward and hard hitting. They’ll be targeting Senate races in Ohio, Missouri, Montana and Hawaii, as well as House races in Michigan (Upton), Utah (Matheson) and Nevada (Heck). Links to the full list follow so you can check out the ones closest to you.

U.S. Senate

Meet Tammy Baldwin” — Wisconsin

Tim Kaine – No Great Achievements” — Virginia

George Allen – Blueprint” — Virginia

Jon Tester’s Way – The Wrong Way” — Montana

Claire McCaskill – Supports Obamacare” — Missouri

Dick Lugar for Jobs” — Indiana


U.S. House Races

Protect Wisconsin Jobs” — Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI)

Charlie Bass – Keep Fighting” — New Hampshire

Judy’s for Jobs” — Rep. Judy Biggert (R-IL)

Mike Coffman for Colorado” — Colorado

Robert Dold for Illinois Jobs” — Illinois

Jim Renacci – Protecting Ohio Jobs” — Ohio

Rick Berg Supports the Keystone XL Pipeline” — North Dakota

Frank Guinta for Free Enterprise” — New Hampshire

Joe Heck – Getting Nevada Back on Track” — Nevada

Fred Upton – Fighting for Michigan” — Michigan

Dan Lungren – Protecting California Jobs” — California

Mike Fitzpatrick – Protecting Pennsylvania Jobs” — Pennsylvania

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