Indiana RTW: Union protester wants legislators "tarred and feathered"

Indiana is slowly but surely working their way through the legislative hoops and hurdles required to attempt to move the Hoosier State into the Right to Work column, but it’s not happening without plenty of fireworks. The latest development in the process came when the legislation cleared the House Employment, Labor and Pensions Committee and a first vote on amendments in the full body is scheduled for next Tuesday.

The measure, if approved, would ban businesses and unions from negotiating contracts that require all workers to pay fees to unions for representing them. Most House Democrats boycotted the chamber four out of the first five days of the 2012 session to slow work on the bill.

The scheduling of Tuesday’s vote came after Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma sent a letter Wednesday to Democratic House Minority Leader Patrick Bauer saying that fines of $1,000 per day were “most likely unavoidable” if Democrats continued stalling.

But even this small step didn’t take place without its fair share of drama. As HoosierAccess reports, the Democrats have brought trouble on themselves by walking out of negotiations and refusing to even debate in some cases. Further, union protesters showed up at the committee meeting and vented their anger at Republicans supporting the measure in a somewhat less than civil way.

It should also be noted, that if Democrats had not walked out, they would have been able to submit amendments to the Joint House and Senate Committee hearing last Friday. But in an utter disregard for anything remotely resembling a coherent thought, Minority Leader Pat Bauer and most of the Democrats walked out, preventing a quorum and preventing their participating in a hearing that lasted over five hours and produced quite a bit of testimony.

But the fireworks weren’t done with the Democrats. Before the gavel even fell on the hearing protestors erupted on the House Floor claiming everything under the sun you’d expect to hear from a union protestor. One even called for legislators (presumably only the Republican members who voted for the bill) to be “tarred and feathered”.

Let’s close by going to the video. You can see the “peaceful protesters” tossing out the most incendiary rhetoric at around the 45 second mark.