Ed Morrissey interviews Buddy Roemer in New Hampshire

As part of his blitzkrieg tour of New Hampshire in the closing hours before the votes began being cast, our own Ed Morrissey sat down with oft overlooked GOP presidential candidate Buddy Roemer to catch up on the state of his efforts to capture the nomination. Buddy hasn’t been in a single debate yet, but he is still beating Rick Perry in the Granite state according to the last polls from over the weekend.

A few highlights:

Will Buddy be going to South Carolina? No. As it turns out, they charge more than $30K just to get on the ballot, and while Buddy has more than that amount in his campaign war chest (raised entirely through donations of $100 or less) he wasn’t going to spend that much just for one state.

Where to next for Buddy, then? He’ll be going to Michigan and Arizona.

What will he be talking about? His jobs program. He has an emphasis on “fair trade” and feels that we’re getting the short end of the stick on trade with China and many other countries. He’ll also be talking about immigration in Arizona, reducing the yearly immigration cap to 250,000 per year, the same as in pre-Clinton times.

There’s plenty more, so enjoy the entire interview. It runs about eleven minutes.

EDIT: (Jazz) As has long been well known here, I can’t tell the difference between North and South Carolina, but it’s fixed.