The Donald: "I represent millions"

This really could have been one of those exceptionally funny, snark infested stories, but when Donald Trump steps up to the mic and says he “represents millions of Americans” he’s really not that far off the mark. But before we get to that, let’s get the details from the Telegraph.

Mr Trump’s powerbroker role in the party’s presidential campaign is vexing many Republican grandees – not least as he continues to hold out the possibility that he might launch an independent bid for White House next year.

And in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, he was typically immodest about why his endorsement is such a highly-coveted prize for those who would be president.

“I’m very handsome, it’s my looks,” deadpanned Mr Trump, 65, who is as famous for his extravagantly combed hair as his outspoken views and “You’re fired” television catchphrase.

Then he continued with his usual swagger: “It’s because I represent the millions of Americans who wanted me to run and who are tired of this country getting ripped off by China and OPEC [the Organisation for Petroleum Exporting Countries] and the rest of the world. We’re a laughing stock – run by stupid people.

“They see me as someone who wouldn’t allow this to happen. The candidates want my endorsement because those millions of Americans listen to me and respect me.”

The tone of this interview is nothing new for Trump. The man is – and I don’t mean this in the offensive way some people use the term – a showman. He’s good at what he does. He also has a sense of humor and is quite aware of the jokes which are sometimes made about his television show, his hair, etc. But at the same time, the numbers don’t lie. There actually were a lot of people who wanted Trump to run for president, many of them serious voices in the political arena.

So does Donald Trump “represent millions of Americans?” I’d have to say that the answer is yes, even if you’re not one of them.