Aw: Some occupiers so traumatized they may need therapy

Sometimes when the going gets rough, you need a wee bit of schadenfreude to lighten the load. For your weekend dose of this tonic, we turn to the heartfelt story of some OWS occupiers who are so traumatized by their interaction with the public, the police and the 1%ers that they may now require therapy for post traumatic something-or-other.

Most of the roughly 300 Occupy L.A. protesters were released from jail by Friday evening, with some immediately speaking out on the police raid that cleared their camp.

One speaker suggested that some of those arrested might need therapy. Several said they felt traumatized after witnessing police use nonlethal force and being forced to wait for hours in zip-tie handcuffs. Some displayed cuts on their wrists from the handcuffs. Others complained that they were forced to urinate in bags on the bus as they were transported to jails.

Sometimes they just serve up a softball which is simply too easy to knock out of the park. And the fact is, I really am a caring, sympathetic, empathetic human being, chock full of the milk of human kindness. I’m simply not the kind of heartless bastage who can sit down on Sunday and begin bashing these poor protesters during their hour of need.

So, with that in mind, let’s visit some other heartless bastages who are fully equipped to do just that.

First up: William Teach at Right Wing News

These are the people that are going to change the world? They can’t even witness police arresting other filth infused squatters without becoming emotional to the point they need therapy.

The Jammie Wearing Fool is, if at all possible, even less sympathetic.

What happened to all the bravado and talk that they were in a war against The Man? Turns out they’re nothing but a bunch of sniveling little ******s.

My partner in crime, Rick Moran, chimes in at The American Thinker.

Cue the world’s smallest violin…

I don’t know. What do you think? Show of hands for those who believe it is a “violation of human rights” to have to piss into a bag on a bus?

Methinks the spoiled brats believed that getting arrested was like being grounded by mommy and daddy. Perhaps they believed it would be heroic. Maybe they thought it would be fun. No doubt they all see themselves as martyrs.

Earth to protestors: Resisting arrest is no joke. Martyrdom isn’t painless. Heroes are those who do the arresting, not the other way around. And no matter what you think about the nanny state, the police ain’t your momma.

I suppose that’s enough abuse for one day. And I’m sure most of you will be far more sympathetic and appropriately chastise me for my heartless diversions. So, I’ll just apologize in advance. Sorry.