Student suspended for saying teacher was "cute"

Is this an example of rude, young people with too little respect for their elders or political correctness once again run off the rails? In Gastonia, North Carolina, a student was suspended from school for “sexual harassment” toward one of his teachers. If the story were to stop right there we might all agree with the verdict. We certainly don’t need young people acting that way toward authority figures. But this case involves a nine year old boy… and what is he accused of?

A Gastonia mother says her son was suspended for calling a teacher “cute.”

Chiquita Lockett said her 9-year-old son, Emanyea, spent the last two days at home.

Lockett said the principal of Brookside Elementary called her Wednesday to say the incident was a form of “sexual harassment.”

Emanyea told Eyewitness News a substitute teacher overheard him tell another student a teacher was cute.

Then he was suspended.

And this wasn’t even a situation where the boy was saying something to the teacher. He was talking to a friend and commented that the teacher was “cute.” So this was overheard by a substitute teacher and suddenly the kid is sent home.

It’s probably not a good habit to get into. While the word “cute” is not really offensive, it is a rather personal remark for a child to make about their elders. But this hardly seems to rise to the level of “sexual harassment.” We tend to overuse that term at times, though we shouldn’t shy away from it when it actually happens. But… “cute?” Really?