Everyone is fair game: Jon Stewart pranks Huntsman

In a sure sign that Jon Huntsman is quickly moving into top tier candidate status, today we found out..

(OK. I tried to get that one out with a straight face. Sorry.)

At any rate, it seems that perennial single digit GOP candidate Jon Huntsman sought to take advantage of the social media world and set up a town hall using the Power of the Twitter. Participants were invited to submit questions and comments using the hashtag #Q4Jon prior to the event. The plan ran into something of a snag, though, because Daily Show host Jon Stewart had other ideas.

When it comes to politics that spot belongs to Jon Stewart, the sharp-witted and sharp-tongued host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. As struggling Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman discovered Tuesday, the reach of Stewart’s pranks is long…

Unfortunately for Huntsman, the event attracted Stewart’s satiric eye and, several hours before the questioning was to begin, he tweeted this on the Daily Show’s Twitter account: “@MadMen_AMC fans: tweet Jon Hamm your questions by 4:15 Eastern? Hashtag #Q4Jon”

Along with the normal questions from voters, Huntsman suddenly found himself fielding detailed queries from Daily Show fans — who are famously loath to distinguish between political news and political satire — thinking they were addressing the star of the wildly popular television series.

I didn’t get to catch this event, but from the sound of the report, Huntsman at least maintained a sense of humor about it to his credit. He’s also apparently a fan of the popular AMC show and knew something about Jon Hamm as well as details of the show itself.

Here are some of the questions Huntsman wound up having to handle.

“In ten years do you see yourself following George Clooney’s or Tom Selleck’s career path?”

(Huntsman responded: “I definitely want Clooney’s career path. But I think that Q was for Jon Hamm. Funny prank @TheDailyShow! #Q4Jon”)

“Jon who makes all of your suits? They have a great retro look.”
“Do you thin you’ll be able to snag the Emmy this year – even with Brian Cranston’s brilliant performance in S4?”

“What’s new on Mad Men this season? I’m a HUGE fan!”

“How many of the Mad Men actresses have you slept with?”

“Are there characteristics of Don Draper that you relate to?”

“Mr. Hamm, how do you feel about Jon Huntsman trying to hijack your hashtag? #lol”

All I can say is, I wish I’d thought of it first.