Iranian protesters storm British embassy. Update: Video added

Not much detail available yet, but we’ll update this one as warranted throughout the day. Long story short, following new sanctions being put in place on Iran, protesters have stormed the British embassy in Tehran, causing the usual mayhem. (Though at this point, reports indicate there were only about twenty of them.)

Iranian protesters entered the British Embassy compound in Tehran on Tuesday, smashing windows and burning the British flag, during a rally against new sanctions London imposed on the Islamic state, live Iranian television images showed.

Protesters could be seen on state Press TV throwing stones, sheets of paper and one waved a framed picture of Queen Elizabeth, apparently found inside the compound.

Another report indicates that there were “several hundred” other protesters outside who didn’t enter the compound. Rock throwing resulted in broken windows and chants of, “Death to Britain” could be heard. Live reports as of this posting claim that as many as 50 embassy workers are still inside. Even more disturbing is this one visual:

The intrusion occurred as ranks of Iranian police in riot gear stood by, doing nothing.

Not good. At least initially, it will be up to the Iranians to bring the situation under control and assure the safety of the workers inside the compound. More updates to come as they become available.

UPDATE: Some more from CNN, though details remain sketchy. They do provide the following video, though.