Meanwhile, on the "Holder Should Resign" ranch...

In the heat of a primary contest, endless debates and the rest of the bad economic news making the rounds, it’s easy to let other important stories slip through the cracks. One of them is the ongoing saga of Gunwalker, which we’ve covered here before, and the increasing chorus of voices calling for Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation over it. Mary Chastain notes today that while the media has remained largely mum on the subject, the number of voices demanding this action has increased to include 51 members of congress and three presidential candidates.

Michele Bachmann was the first GOP presidential candidate to demand Eric Holder’s resignation. Last Monday Rick Perry published an op-ed in The Washington Times demanding Mr. Holder’s resignation and yesterday morning Jon Huntsman also remarked that Mr. Holder should resign, yet the majority of the Old Media ignore them and the other congressmen who think Mr. Holder should resign.

There is no excuse from the Old Media we should accept, especially since Mr. Perry’s op-ed appears in The Washington Times. The Old Media can deny it all they want, but we all know if this was a GOP administration they would be contacting every single Democrat politician and reporting anyone calling for the attorney general to resign.

Wait a minute. They already did! Oh yes: Remember my previous articles comparing coverage of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and Mr. Holder? That’s right. The Old Media was reporting on Mr. Gonzales so much in 2007 even I was sick of it and that’s when I was still a super liberal.

But it’s easy to understand why the Democrats aren’t going along with this idea. After all, the Republicans are just playing politics, right? It’s not like the current administration would ever go around demanding high profile individuals such as the Attorney General step down over some perceived scandal.

Yes, that would be a great line, were it true, but as Chastain notes, the people in charge now actually have a bit of history on that front. Here’s a video she dug up of then Senator Barack Obama calling for the resignation of Alberto Gonzales, after noting his own prescience in never voting for him in the first place.

Further, Hillary Clinton – now our esteemed Secretary of State – made similar comments herself back when the shoe was on the other foot. Even more examples are provided at the link, so dig in and smell the fresh brewed hypocrisy with your Monday morning coffee.

I suppose the old saying is true. The more things change, the more they stay the same.