A Gettysburg Address for OWS

Every generation and every great movement needs an iconic figure to give voice to the hopes, fears and aspirations of the masses, encapsulating their message. One of the many complaints about the Occupy Wall Street movement has been their lack of recognized leadership or a cohesive list of demands. Today, Iowa Hawk pointed me to what may well be the solution to their problem. A manifesto has been delivered which may well be, as he put it, the Gettysburg Address of OWS. We don’t have a name for the author of this historic document, but the title should really speak for itself. “Goodbye life and freedom. License to kill is here. James Bond and Darth Vader is in your nabourhood.”

The army and police and government will not care and think one second about shooting or killing babies or children. Army and police are only holding back the killings because they do not want the mess and the cleanup job. Secondly they believe a killingspree might make people revolt and in such a case the army and police will really have to start the killings and believe it is a little too early for the people to accept this. But in about 15 to 20 years from now it will be common to see the police and army kill at random. They will kill anyone and especially people revolting. They will kill and send in a special force cleaning team and kill anyone trying to collect evidence.

Police andarmy will arrest at will and if someone tries to revolt they will just drop a huge bomb in the area and blaim it on the people or person revolting and the survivers will now revolt against thir own people until everyone complies.

We are living in Orson Wells world and it is even worse. In 20 years time it will be so bad that your socalled freedom is a thing of the past. Every single movement you make will be controlled and if you do something out of the dictated you will be killed or perhaps just have all your resouces plugged out like debit-figures in the bank and your smartphone key will be blocked to get inside your work and essentially you will be on a nomans land mission and you will dies from starvation eventually.

There’s more, but my spell checker already had smoke rolling out of it just trying to paste in that much. Granted, you can’t judge an entire movement based on the grammatically challenged rantings of one individual in a web forum, and this is mostly just some amusement for you on a Saturday morning. But given some of the signs we’ve seen being carried in the streets, perhaps it’s not too far off the mark.

Unfortunately for the protesters, in some of the dreaded clashes to date, we’ve seen the cops getting injured nearly as often as protesters who fail to follow instructions from authorities. I don’t know if this is so much an Orwellian nightmare as something resembling Lord of the Flies.

UPDATE: Some of our men and women in Bagram have come up with their own Occupy movement. (Hat tip to Verum Serum)