Video: Haley Barbour - "We have to change course."

In conjunction with American Crossroads, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour has released a new video which attempts to distill a number of complex challenges facing the nation down into a message digestible by the masses. Titled, “Let’s get this done,” the roughly two and a half minute video combines graphical analysis of where the country is currently going with the governor’s legendary, “guy next door” speaking skills which have kept his popularity so high in his home state.

Before we get to the excerpts and summary, here’s the video.

“[Obama’s] policies aren’t fixing our problems, they’re makingthem worse. And a second Obama term means making this malaise permanent. … We’re the greatest country on earth, and we can get America right again. To do that we have to win in 2012. … So come on now, let’s get this done.”

Barbour adopts a version of the Larry the Cable Guy, “get ‘er done” theme without coming off like a hick. He not only tackles the obvious targets of taxes and spending, but the equally important areas of domestic energy and rolling back oppressive regulations which kill jobs and stifle growth, all in that familiar tone of the guy you wouldn’t mind having sit down for a cup of coffee in your living room to discuss these issues with you.

The only problem with this video for me is watching it just after the last in the recent series of debates. I know you had your reasons and all, but… couldn’t you have run for president?

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Jazz Shaw 7:31 PM on October 02, 2022