The latest expert on energy policy is...

Another “high profile celebrity voice” is apparently joining the national conversation on energy policy. Given how important the topic is, we may as well invite everyone into the pool. This time it’s a continuation of the ongoing protests against the Keystone XL pipeline and, in particular, President Obama’s recent tentative support for moving ahead with the project. So who is this latest authority on the nation’s energy needs who wishes to scold the president for his crazy plan to take a small step toward domestic energy independence?

How about… Elaine from Seinfeld.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, known for her role as Elaine on the popular sitcom “Seinfeld,” has released a video urging President Obama to reject the permit for the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. She joins a number of other celebrities and activists who have spoken out against the pipeline, and will be participating in the November 6 Tar Sands Action protest at the White House.

In the video above, Louis-Dreyfus reminds the president of how he was going to be the leader of “the generation that ends the tyranny of oil.” She then goes on to describe the Keystone XL pipeline as being “a brutally stupid, money-grab,” and calls on Obama to reverse course.

I understand that the former Seinfeld star wants to get involved and “save the planet” or whatever the agenda is being called this week, and she has the same right to weigh in on it as anyone else. But while she’s solving all of the world’s problems, perhaps she’d like to explain to the literally tens of thousands of unemployed construction and energy industry workers who could be employed on this project what else they should do in the meantime? (The last estimates are that the pipeline will produce 20,000 jobs here in the United States.) Maybe she could explain to the armies of idle workers in the gulf region her alternate plan to get our refinery capacity back up to nominal production levels and, hopefully, expand them?

Tomorrow, November 6, she will apparently be showing up at the White House to send her message directly to Barack Obama. (Even if he’s in France at the time.) What could possibly go wrong? So get out there and march, Julia! Or, failing that, perhaps she could just get back to what she seems to do best.